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Social Media Intelligence

Magnet is the framework we've built to help companies have a deeper understanding of their (and their competition) social presence. It's a unified set of tools (data gathering, statistical analysis, data visualisations, search engines and APIs) used to really get to the bottom of your questions. Learn more about the framework.

Web Apps Development

Need a tool to better help you manage your business? A solution to stop doing repetitive work? Move an existing program from the desktop to the web? From a simple online presence to an enterprise application, we got you covered.

Business Intelligence

BI is the art of gathering data from disparate sources and systems and manage to produce unified dashboards where every possible relationship becomes discoverable. Is your company struggling to achieve this goal?

Data Visualisation

Data is everywhere, and you can´t afford to neglect it. What good is having all this data available if you don't find the best way to visualise it?

At Clevernet, motivation and constant learning paths are key. We have experience, aren't afraid of new challenges, but most importantly we keep our minds open and are determined to succeed.

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